My Civil Rights were violated by the Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Police Department.
After the years of harassment I was ultimately arrested on a false stalking charge by his friend that stalked me with two police officers.
William Eggleston has made two different claims as to where my father was murder for money.
Psychic Medium John Edward harrased me on Social Media for years sharing my criminal record.
I was arrested on a false charge for stalking December 11, 2020. On January 20, 2021 the Stalking charge was dropped! That same day I was charged with…
My Civil Rights fight for Justice continues on.
John Edward harassed, smeared and discredited me with false claims on Twitter.
Today July 28, 2021 I, Dr. Thomas Chester Boring's daughter, contacted the Greenwood Mississippi Police Department and I asked them reopen an…
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SKEPTIC by Jane Flowers